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Agency worker or contractor?

At MPACS we offer a specialist accounting service specifically tailored for Agency workers and Contractors which enables you to take home UPTO 85% OF YOUR EARNINGS!!!!

A Limited Company is incorporated by MPACS on your behalf. You will be the sole director / shareholder of your own Company.

Your Company will be the Contracted party and will invoice the client (Agency or Business) direct. The income generated by the Company is paid to you by way of expenses, weekly wages and a dividend payment as you are the shareholder.

As easy as 1-2-3...


1 - Submit time sheet

A timesheet detailing hours worked on a weekly basis is forwarded to MPACS and to the client. Once received, MPACS will raise an invoice which will be paid by the client into the MPACS Client bank account.


2 - Complete expenses form

All business expenses that can be claimed against taxable income will be claimed by MPACS on receipt of a completed Expense Claim Form with supporting receipts or relevant documentation.


3 - Get paid

Payment of UPTO 85% OF YOUR EARNINGS*, will be made to your personal bank account on the day monies are received from the client.

* The following deductions will be made before payment is processed:

  1. MPACS fee
  2. PAYE/NI, Income Tax, and Corporation Tax - (held in MPACS client account and paid to HMRC on your behalf when due.)

A summary sheet and payslip will be emailed to you weekly to show how the net pay has been calculated.